Consulting in Wind Farms & PV Plants



Development through permitting and regulations

A. Site Assessment and Feasibility

We conduct thorough site assessments and feasibility studies for renewable energy projects, evaluating resource potential, environmental impact, and economic viability.

B. Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Our team navigates the complex permitting and regulatory processes, ensuring compliance with local regulations and securing necessary approvals for solar park and wind farm development.

C. Design and Engineering

Our experts design and engineer optimized solar parks and wind farms, considering factors such as layout, equipment selection, and integration with the power grid for maximum efficiency.

D. Project Financing and Funding

We provide assistance in securing project financing and funding options, leveraging our industry connections and expertise to support the financial aspects of renewable energy development.

E. Construction and Installation

From managing construction contractors to overseeing equipment installation, we ensure efficient and timely execution of solar park and wind farm projects, meeting quality standards.

F. Commissioning and Grid Connection

We facilitate the commissioning process and grid connection for renewable energy projects, ensuring seamless integration and successful operation within the power distribution network.

A. Comprehensive Engineering

Leveraging expertise in EPC, we provide comprehensive engineering solutions, ensuring efficient and reliable project execution.

B. Efficient Procurement

Our EPC services encompass streamlined procurement processes, sourcing high-quality components and materials for cost-effective project implementation.

C. Seamless Construction

From site preparation to construction management, our EPC approach ensures seamless execution, meeting timelines and delivering exceptional results.

D. Quality Assurance and Control

With stringent quality assurance and control measures, we guarantee adherence to industry standards, ensuring robust and reliable project outcomes.

E. Project Management Excellence

Our EPC services include meticulous project management, overseeing every aspect to optimize resource allocation, mitigate risks, and achieve project goals.

F. Timely Delivery and Cost Control

We prioritize timely project delivery while maintaining cost control through efficient resource management and effective project monitoring and control.


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction


Balance Of System

A. System Integration

Our BOS solutions ensure seamless integration of components, optimizing the performance and efficiency of the overall renewable energy system.

B. Electrical Infrastructure

We design and implement robust electrical infrastructure for efficient power transmission and distribution within the renewable energy project.

C. Grid Connection and Interfacing

Our BOS expertise includes seamless grid connection and interfacing, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and smooth power integration.

D. Monitoring and Control Systems

We deploy advanced monitoring and control systems for real-time data analysis, system performance optimization, and proactive maintenance strategies.

E. Civil and Structural Engineering

Our BOS services encompass civil and structural engineering solutions, providing durable foundations, support structures, and optimized layouts for the project.

F. Environmental and Permitting

We handle environmental assessments, permitting, and compliance aspects, ensuring adherence to environmental regulations and promoting sustainable practices.

A. Preventive Maintenance

Our O&M services include proactive preventive maintenance, ensuring the smooth operation of renewable energy systems and maximizing their performance and lifespan.

B. Reactive Maintenance

We provide prompt and efficient reactive maintenance, addressing any unforeseen issues or malfunctions to minimize downtime and optimize system productivity.

C. Performance Monitoring

With advanced monitoring systems, we track and analyze the performance of renewable energy systems, identifying opportunities for optimization and efficiency improvements.

D. Equipment Inspections

Our O&M experts conduct thorough equipment inspections, detecting and addressing potential issues promptly, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted system operation.

E. Data Analysis and Reporting

We utilize data analytics and reporting tools to provide comprehensive insights into system performance, enabling informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

F. Spare Parts Management

Our O&M services encompass effective spare parts management, ensuring timely availability of critical components, reducing downtime, and optimizing system maintenance.


Operations and Maintenance

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