environmental, social, and corporate governance

Our mission is to use renewable energy exploitation technologies for sustainable development worldwide, so that current and future generations can enjoy a better life, providing value to all stakeholders thanks to our excellent quality of service.

Our ambition is to tackle ESG considerations as a company with an equal focus on the environmental, social and governance aspects. We aim to be sustainable and to minimise as far as possible our impact on our communities and stakeholders.

A letter from our Founder

“Purpose and Patience,” which guides our approach to construction, also applies to our Environmental, Social and Governance vision. As a long-term constructor and partner, we build relationships with partners who share our values and seek to ensure the sustainability of their projects through sound governance principles, attention to human capital and an emphasis on making positive social and environmental impact. The principles underpinning ESG have long been at the heart of our strategy, which constitute the compass of our ESG journey.
Our commitment is for our portfolio to show constant progress on ESG performance, and our conviction is that sustainability is a lever for long term value creation.

AJ BRAND is also committed to implementing these ESG principles at our own company. ESG is embedded in the daily work of all employees. We strive to lessen our environmental footprint, embrace the challenges of diversity and inclusion, and seek to achieve the best standards in terms of governance. ESG, by definition, is a team effort.

 I want to thank all involved at AJ BRAND and our portfolio companies for their commitment to building a more sustainable future together for all families and future generations by taking green energy to next level, from a taboo subject to a normality in everyday life.

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Our Principles and Beliefs



At the core of AJ’s culture is a dedication to create sustainable value in an ethical manner.  Our role as a EPC company and investor is to foster sustainable growth.

We believe that assessing the
effect of our actions and those of our portfolio companies on all dimensions of society and environment, as well as acting towards positively impacting our communities, is the foundation of any long-term sustainable value creation.


One of the defining concerns of this decade has been and will be ESG issues. Like the challenges that came before it, this one has chances and risks. Our goal is to lessen the former and embrace the latter because we think that addressing ESG issues adds value, lowers risk, and benefits society.


We believe there is no trade-off between investment returns and responsible investment. We are also convinced that to achieve sustainable long-term returns, we need to grow the value of our activities bring to all our stakeholders.


Much as Rome was not built in a day, maximization of the impact of our business for our stakeholders will not be achieved within a defined period. It is a process and a path, not a destination to be reached. Our commitment is to the path and to progress. We will therefore report our achievements on a yearly basis and commit to positive change.


As a international company, we recognize that ESG issues though relevant globally, will not find the same expression in the regions and sectors in which we are active. Our approach will recognise and respect these differences, whilst our commitment to progress will remain the same.


Since our ESG commitments are closely aligned with our values, every employee at AJ has made them. We think that AJ needs to take action on ESG issues and serve as an example for its portfolio firms who operate in industries where it is more difficult to incorporate ESG concerns into decision-making.

The commitment to responsibly create enduring value lies at the heart of AJ BRAND's culture. Our role as a EPC company is to foster sustainable growth of all stakeholders and local community.
Andreea Stan


We are a company that offers real support to the community, and we can list here some of the actions we carry out in all the communities where we develop projects.

We use equipment and resources created and developed from renewable resources: green steel – structure used, manufacturing process, we use only alternative energy sources, and we have photovoltaic energy powering the factory.

We provide significant financial donations, equip local institutions such as hospitals, schools and senior care facilities, and build self-consumption systems.

We educate the local community, and we hold courses on photovoltaic energy training students and unqualified workers so that they can carry out activities in our parks, thus becoming qualified and having a job during the execution period and later for the maintenance period.

We carry out literacy and skills training so that everyone in the local community feels useful. Women who can cook will work in the canteen we are setting up for the workers. Employees function better and work more productively when they have a hot meal on-site. Women also work on site on precision and critical activities: clamping, measuring, labeling, inventory, assembly, pre-assembly, etc

We recycle selectively, we do not overuse resources and we support constructive activities in the community; the community is pleased with the launch of a project from which they directly benefit. Locals understand that the investment creates stability, generates jobs and is a place where they can get qualified and where from they can have a stable income.

We rehabilitate the local roads, apart from the access roads to the project; to a small extent, we support the access to the hospital, school, improve or create a sports field through which people can adopt a healthier way of life. Whether it’s by sponsoring children with abilities or those with special needs, our company wants to give back to the community from its profits and the work we put in brings real satisfaction.

We prioritize our people

Each person feels valuable and, because of the well-established ESG policy, couples work together on construction sites and share lunch. The time spent at work is also considerably more convenient, and people feel fulfilled that they can work hard and accomplish their goals. It’s an honor and a responsibility to support a family with two salaries.

We taught people who had worked in agriculture and were accustomed to inclement weather; they had picked oranges and worked on fruits and vegetables; after demonstrating their hard work, they were promoted to supervisors of mechanical, electrical, and civil work.
We hire persons who have left alcoholic treatment centers with recommendations showing they overcome challenges on their own; these are people who don’t seem to be able to obtain employment in society. Here are some examples of men and women who have recovered from alcoholism. Although they have a tendency to be marginalized, history demonstrates that, given genuine opportunities, they are dependable and industrious. These individuals have heartbreaking backstories — children who passed away following a cancer diagnosis, for instance.

We have workers who were employed originally to install panel screws but later developed and learned to perform insertion work, labeling, measuring, and other tasks. In all situations, they are valuable assets to the organization.

Our ESG Commitments




In conclusion, AJ BRAND is just a different company that, through enthusiasm and love for the environment as well as for people, has developed an international corporation with values, beliefs, and ethics. It is neither the best nor the worst firm. All of the above are costly and challenging to maintain, but because we have a duty to everyone, we invest in more effort and work harder as a team, which makes us accountable and competitive. Because this is a way of life for us rather than just a business, our staff will always stand behind the customer.

There is no ecological transition without a cultural transition and that is what we implement around us through our way of life!

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