We are a Romanian
company activating in
the renewable energy
sector since 2008.


At first AJ BRAND started as an electrical subcontractor, AJ CONSTRUCTION, but soon became a respected EPC contractor with a strong brand image in the renewable energy field. In 2021 was created AJ RENEWABLES.

Our vision of better and greener lives for current and future generations has motivated us to deliver top quality projects, covering a full range of services from Development and Design up to Contracting and Operation & Maintenance.

We are consolidated both nationally and internationally, and in a full expansion process in Romania, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

We believe our commitment, flexible way of operation and use of Innovative and Efficient Technologies, helped us create a highly experienced team and showcase a significant portfolio much faster than other businesses in the sector.

The headquarter of AJ BRAND companies (AJ CONSTRUCTION and AJ RENEWABLES) is located in Bucharest, Romania.
Our successful activity in the photovoltaic field sums more than 700 megawatts developed and sold at RtB. Also 3.196 megawatts executed and already in operation. Additionally, we have 1,2 gigawatts under developmet in Wind Farms.

Our mission

Our mission is to use renewable energy exploitation technologies for sustainable development worldwide, so that current and future generations can enjoy a better life, providing value to all stakeholders thanks to our excellent quality of service.

Evolution of AJ BRAND

was founded as electrical subcontractor of Industrial and Nuclear Plant in Romanian
Started with electrical installations in first Wind Farms, as subcontractor, in Romania
Started with civil works in Wind Farms In Romania
Started BOS projects in Spain
Started BOS projects in Italy and Portugal
was created as a development company
First Ready-to-Build (RtB) project developed by AJ RENEWABLES in Romania
Unified of AJ CONSTRUCTION and AJ RENEWABLES within AJ BRAND commercial image

AJ BRAND´s Certifications

ISO 9001 – Quality management
ISO 14001 – Environmental management
ISO 27001 – Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection
ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety
D1 – Technical project design (include C category) for any type of voltage
D2 – Execution, high voltage line included
E1 – Technical design for electrical substation
E2 – Execution of substations
(for all level of tension: from 0,4 kV until 400 kV – maximum High Voltage)
Execution works accreditation in Portugal
National Accreditation Register in Spain
AJ BRAND offers real support to the community and share the actions in his ESG Catalogue.
“We aspire to tackle ESG considerations as a company with an equal focus on the environmental, social and governance aspects. We aim to be sustainable and to minimize as far as possible our impact on our communities and stakeholders”

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